Participation of Lithuanian and foreign social partners social partners in the process of Social Work Study Programme implementation is an integral part of the improvement of the quality of studies which determines a consistent development and updating process of the Social Work Study Programme.

Social partners – graduates (members of the Alumni club), employers, representatives of other institutions of higher education are directly involved in the improvement and assessment of the Social Work Study Programme.

The social partners participate in the certification of the study subjects, in the organization and discussion of professional practice results, in conducting commissioned research on professional activities, the needs of labour market, in writing research papers and conducting professional development courses/training. Some of the social partners are directly related to the program realization and improvement, i.e. they are the teachers of the Department, and so they teach subjects, are responsible for final theses and review them, supervise the professional practices and work on the qualification commission.

The social partners are also involved in the activities of Social Work Study Programme Committee and directly influence the contents of the Social Work Study Programme and the improvements to the subjects taught.

The social partners, as the managers of professional practice and the staff, value the results of practice and the process; they provide suggestions to improve the quality of the practice.

Other representatives of institutions of higher education get involved into the evaluation of the Social Work Study Programme and improvement through academic activities. They participate in the activities of the Qualification Committee, supervise and review students’ final theses, cooperate in writing research papers, deliver theoretical and practical classes. While participating in the meetings, they provide suggestions for the development of the scientific character of the Social Work Study Programme

The Department regularly hosts the meetings of teachers, students and social partners. The representatives of administration are also invited. These meetings encourage a continuous interaction of people involved in the realization of the SWSP, the students and social partners and ensure a reliable feedback.