The supervision of Social Work Study Programme and quality assessment is carried out by the Social Work Study Programme Committee. The Social Work Study Programme Committee composition includes 7 persons: a student, teachers, a researcher, graduates and social partners. Half of the members of the Committee are social partners who are involved in real professional activities. The other part of the Committee consists of students, researchers and teachers. Such composition of the Committee allows to integrate a number of different approaches into the study programme. Every year the composition of the study programme committee may be changed according to the need.

The responsibilities of the Study Programme Committee members are defined by the Regulations on Study Area Committee and Study Programme Committee Activities (Kauno Kolegija Director‘s order No 1-85 of 27-02-2014).

Social Work Study Programme Committee members are distributed according to the following activities:

  • the students are involved in the promotion of the Programme, they  submit proposals with regard to the material basis of the Programme, including the strengthening of methodological resources;
  • the social partners and graduates participate in the assessment of study outcomes in the Qualification Commission work, they initiate the updating of the programmes of study subjects and professional practices;
  • the teachers – analyze information on the realization of studies, assure the feedback and participate in the formation of academic staff and qualification improvement, analyze the need for specialists in the labour market, they are also responsible for the conformity of the outcomes of the Study programme with the needs of labour market;
  • the researchers provide proposals to the Dep. and to the Dean with regard to the updating of the Social Work Study Programme and establish guidelines for applied research.

The Social Work Study Programme Committee’s activities are very important because it integrates the elements of internal and external assessment. In its activities, the Committee plays a diverse assessment of the Programme quality: it discusses the updated subject programme descriptions, take into account the suggestions provided during other evaluations and provide recommendations to the head of the Dep., to the Dean and to the Committee of the study area. The Social Work Study Programme Committee submits recommendations concerning the realization of the Social Work Study Programme (improvement) and ensures a continuous feedback with the real professional environment.