• Educational institution: Kauno Kolegeja/University of Applied Sciences
  • Study programme: Social work, Part-time studies (4 years)
  • Social area: Social sciences
  • Study field: Social work
  • State code: 653L50006

The intended purpose of the Social Work Study Programme is to prepare social workers – by integrating various social work models and applying reflective teaching and learning in the study process – able to work in various areas of professional activities both in Lithuania‘s and international labour market.

The aim of the Social Work Study Programme is to prepare the social work professionals able to creatively and critically address social problems and to empower various groups of clients to independently and in cooperation with specialists from other fields solve social problems seeking positive social changes in the life of persons and society in a complicated and changing environment.

Learning outcomes of the Social Work Study Programme:

  1. To interpret information on the need for social support of various groups of sočiety.
  2. To design a model of social support by selecting social work methods suitable to keep in touch with changes in the life and environment of clients.
  3.  To develop a social work action plan for solving the problems of different groups of clients.
  4. To adapt methods of social work to address the problems of different groups of clients.
  5. To raise material and non-material resources for solving the social problems of different groups of clients.
  6. To provide general and special social services for the empowerment of clients of different social groups.
  7. To collaborate with different groups of clients, their environment and social partners for preventing the consequences of social problems.;
  8. To analyze the suitability and accessibility of social services provided to different groups of clients.
  9. To evaluate processes and results of social support provided to different groups of clients.


No. Subject Number of creditsECTS Coordinating teacher 
1 semester
1. Information Technologies 3 lecturer Donatas Misiunas
2. Introduction to Social Work Studies 3 lecturer Ovidijus Grincevicius
3. Professional Language and Document Management 3 lecturer Aldona Rackeliene
4. General and Personality Development Psychology 5 lecturer Daine Krasuckiene
5. Practical Philosophy in Social Work 4 lecturer Dalia Verbyle
6. Sociology and Social Culture 4 lecturer Povilas Beseckas
Total: 22  
2 semester
7. Foreign Language 6 lecturer Ausra Budriene
8. Law 5 lecturer Renata Krygeriene
9. Basics and History of Social Work 5 lecturer Aldona Rackeliene
10. Communication Psychology 3 lecturer Ilona Kupcikiene
11. Team Work of Professionals 4 lecturer Ausra Kavaliauskiene
Total: 23  
3 semester
12. Social Work Theories and Methods 6 lecturer Ausra Kavaliauskiene
13. Social Services 5 asist. Laura Stumbraityte
14. Psychology of Antisocial Behavior / Delinquent Behavior Psychology 4 lecturer Ilona Kupcikiene
15. Non-institutional social work 8
Total: 23  
4 semester
16. Social Protection Law and Social Policy 5 asist. Neringa Gudenaite
17. Social Work in Health Care System 5 lecturer Virginija Kondrataviciene
18. Individual Social Work 5 lecturer Ovidijus Grincevicius
19. Supervision of Social Work 4 lecturer Ilona Skridlaite
20. Optional subject 3
Total: 22  
5 semester
21. Social Work with a Group 4 lecturer Ovidijus Grincevčius
22. Psychology of Social Support 4 lecturer Ilona Kupčikienė
23. Educational Science and Social Pedagogy   / Socio-educational Activities in Social Work 4 docent, dr. Egle Stasiunaitiene
24. Inpatient institutional social work 10
Total: 22  
6 semester
25. Social Work and Community 5 lecturer Aldona Rackeliene
26. Social Work with Families 5 lecturer Ilona Skridlaite
27. Rehabilitation and Social Integration 5 lecturer Ausra Kavaliauskiene
28. Special Psychology and Pedagogy / Social Work with Disabled Persons 5 lecturer Virginija Kondrataviciene
Optional subject 3
Total: 23  
7 semester
29. Project Development and Management 5 lecturer Ilona Kupcikiene
30. Social Research Methods 4 lecturer Ovidijus Grincevicius
31. Social case-work 12
32. Optional subject 3
Total: 24  
8 semester
33. Administration of Social Institutions 4 lecturer Daine Krasuckiene
34. Social Gerontology / Social Work with Senior and Older People 4 lecturer Dalia Verbyle
35. Child Welfare / Child Protection Services 4 asist. Daiva Matulevičiūtė
36. Final thesis 9
Total: 21  
Total in the study programme:         180 credits